Greetings everyone!  Jeremy here from Joey Leone’s Chop Shop.  On Aug. 7, 2015, Joey welcomed Dillon Campbell, son of famed musician Glen Campbell, into the studio to record five original tracks.  Along with Dillon, Joey and myself, was Chop Shop drummer Darro Sandler,  and engineer Steve Flynn.  Steve is a Boston based recording and mix engineer that has worked on a wide variety of genres.  Steve continues to engineer at Q Division studios where he honed his skills, yet enjoys travelling to other studios to suit his clients needs.

What can I say other than the session was a pure delight, and Dillion was a PLEASURE to work with.  Joey, Darro and myself executed our parts with the mastery and professionalism that we hold, with the help of Dillon, who recorded some of the most stunning vocal work I have ever heard.  The songs are currently in the post-production stage, and we will update you on their release.

Joey’s studio contains a wide variety of recording equipment and instruments, which we will feature soon in an upcoming page on this site.

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Click Here to watch an exclusive video of the session!


Steve Flynn can be reached at